TV / Documentary

Contributions as crew / self

The Found Footage Phenomenon
Dir. Sarah Appleton and Phill Escott.
Caprisar Productions / Frac
tured Visions.

Robert recorded an interview with filmmaker Aislinn Clarke for this documentary at the QFT, Belfast. Robert fielded questions and acted as cinematographer for the section, while Ben Simpson handled sound.

The documentary was acquired and released by Shudder in 2022.

Watch The Found Footage Phenomenon on Shudder here.

Horizon: What's The Matter With Tony Slattery
Dir. Clare Richards
Sundog Pictures.
BBC Two. 21 May 2020

Robert is featured in the documentary, interviewing Tony Slattery on stage at a CinePunked event in Belfast, as well as preparing and promoting The Comedy of Madness show with co-creator Robert Ross, and guest Slattery. The shows featured in the film have been released in audio form as podcasts via CinePunked.

Tales of Cinema: Irish Cinema
Al Araby TV
2 July 2018

As CinePunked, Robert was interviewed alongside colleague Dr Rachael Kelly, discussing issues surrounding Irish cinema, the local film industry and identity.

Assorted episodes: 2015-2018

The Arts Show.
BBC Northern Ireland.

Hammer Films YouTube introductions
Hammer Films / YouTube.

Robert wrote, presented and self-shot a series of filmed introductions for a series of crime dramas from Hammer Films to accompany the release of each film on Hammer's official YouTube channel. Among the titles featured were Dick Barton: Special Agent, River Patrol, Cloudburst, Stolen Face, and Murder By Proxy.

With the series unavailable on the channel by 2022, Robert has reposted several of the videos on his own YouTube channel here.

Hammer Horror: A Fan's Guide
Duke Video.

Robert was one of the contributors to this DVD documentary about the classic Hammer horror films. Robert features throughout the hour-long documentary.

A short extract featuring Robert talking about Dracula can be played here.

Film Fever: The Horror! The Horror!
400Blows Productions
Channel 4.

Robert was interviewed about his interest in Hammer Films, and participating in fandom. He was filmed in Black Park alongside his friend Robert Lane, a Theatre Designer from Dublin. Also featured in the documentary is Wayne Kinsey.

To watch the short documentary, click the image.