Hire Me / Support Me

Hire Me

I am always open to new and interesting opportunities - I like collaborating and creating, and consider all proposals, no matter how small.

I am based in Belfast in Northern Ireland, but regularly work across the UK and Ireland, and am open to jobs further afield, so if you're interested in booking me for something, just get in touch.

My fees vary depending on the job and the work involved, and expenses to be incurred. Please approach me with your proposals and budgets and let's see what we can do.
I try to make all reasonable suggestions work.

Email: bookings@robertjesimpson.com

Support Me

Do you like what I do? Keen to support any aspect of my work, but not in a position to book me for a job or an event? Well, there are plenty of ways to help...

  • Tell other people about me
    - word of mouth is so important and frequently leads to paying work, so tell your friends! Or if there's a club/theatre/venue you'd like me to do something with, tell them about me.

  • Follow me on social media
    - if you enjoy something, follow my profiles, like and share my posts, its a bit like word of mouth, and I can see you're engaged too. I'm on the likes of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, so find the platforms you like best and engage.

  • Come to my shows and events
    - In Northern Ireland especially, its hard to get events running. Come to as many of the physical shows as you can. Give feedback. If it's a paying show - please, buy a ticket!

  • Buy my art
    - I do sell prints of my photography and artwork, and will occasionally offer other pieces for sale (including my book!). Consider buying one for yourself or a friend, and purchasing directly from me.

  • Make a donation
    - Especially in pandemic times, its not so easy to meet up for a cuppa or a pint. But you can still throw me the cost of one (or more if you're feeling generous) via my Ko-Fi account. Its a lovely way to say thanks for something I've done you really liked, and enables me to keep creating and expanding the porfolio.